New song: “God With Us”

Posted: May 17, 2011 in Faith

For the first time since “With Awe Upon Awe” (2007!), I have actually completed a whole song for the church. Lummy. Shows how much church re-planting and movie-watching can divert one’s songwriting…

I thought you’d like a listen, so here it is. It’s in D, but C can be a little easier on the vocal cords, especially on capo 5 for a decent “G” voicing… Anyway: words are below. Comments welcome!

The majesty of “God with us”,
The miracle of Christ on earth:
So wonderful!
This man Who holds the universe,
Eternal God stepped down to us:
So powerful!

This mystery abounds with love,
Encapsulates the Father’s heart;
So bountiful!
The glories of a holy God
Who stooped to save the likes of us;
So beautiful!

There is my God, there is my King,
Bringing His hope to those whose lives will sing
Of His love, His glory and power,
Saving from darkness into grace unbound;
At the cross, where mercy and wrath
Meet satisfied judgement and unending love…
Oh my soul, there is your hope, there is your God!

Piercing the fabric of our space and time,
Living life on earth.
Humbly surrendering to give it all,
Dying on the cross.
Nailing my sins upon that curséd tree
To rise in victory…
Awake, my soul: there is your God!

Steve Dunn ©2011


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