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Star Wars: Machete Order

Posted: June 17, 2013 in Movies


I’d promised a few a while back I’d make mention of how I found the new Machete Order for watching Star Wars…

It strayed across my radar courtesy of @VoxPopple, and having experienced the new sequence myself now it will remain my standard for viewing. Here’s the full rundown of the IV > V > II > III > VI order (I DOES NOT EXIST! EVER.), plus its Whys and Wherefores: Machete Order.

And my observations? Other than the starkly absent C3PO/Anakin history, it demotes Jar Jar to Level 1 Annoyance (previously 4), and raises the bar on Anakin and Luke’s relationship massively. Pressing pause after Empire to flashback and enjoy how we all got here feeds Jedi well. The only real downside is that Clones and Sith really do not wear well, and so their juxtapositioning can jar (jar).

Other than that: it’s rescued the prequels from being unwatchable (now they’re merely “watchable”), and elevates the originals in a way I didn’t think was possible. Nice one.