The Strange Good News

Posted: November 10, 2016 in Faith, Movies



It’s three days since I saw Doctor Strange with Amy and many scenes and quotes and threads are still swirling around my head like some psychedelic mind melt. We loved it – both in terms of artistic endeavour and also how it spoke to us.

There is much in the film to laud. The story flows well, it is easy to buy in to Stephen Strange’s traumatic journey from surgeon poster boy through disabled obsessive to sacrificial superhuman, the effects are well-executed, and the production design is exquisite. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is referenced without being crowbarred, and the big reveal from Wong at the end regarding the Eye Of Agamotto slides beautifully into the bigger picture. The film is also laugh-out-loud funny.

What has pumped my hypercoloured¬†thoughts most however is the strong essence¬†of sacrifice and salvation that Doctor Strange leaves us with. The film not only allows science and faith to walk hand in hand – as well they should, neither in truth¬†has to negate the other (accepting supernatural realms¬†and multiple dimensions as being one and the same thing, for example) – but also presents the gospel in Stephen’s journey. By the end of the story, this transcendent human willingly suffers¬†death on behalf of a¬†doomed race. In so doing, he vanquishes an¬†evil and powerful foe, defeats death, consigns the followers of darkness to a destiny as Mindless Ones and rises again as saviour and protector… and thus points us to the great problem of the human condition and our own real need for a Saviour.

We too are lost to external forces of darkness through both our active choices and our natural state, and while we were still dead in that mess, Christ – fully transcendent (divine, in fact) and fully human – suffered willingly that we might live, defeating the powers of darkness¬†and rising to life in utter victory. He is the Saviour the world is waiting for, just not everyone has realised it yet. Don’t let that moment arrive when it’s too late.

All this might sound strange to you. If it didn’t, it would most likely be because we’ve created a god in our own easy-to-digest image. That’s not to say the message of Christianity should be confusing, but that until our eyes settle on the truth it will always appear alien and not what we’re hoping¬†for. But when we see him truly for who he is, that’s when the strange makes sense, the bewildering becomes beautiful, the colours bloom¬†to life, and our eyes are opened to a much bigger story than we realised we were a part of. See him for who he is. Let the strange speak.

  1. ameaid says:

    Luv it. Heads up for those that haven’t seen the film yet. All is revealed.

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