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Stevie’s Top Films Of 2015

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Movies, Uncategorized

Man, what a year for cinema: drama, comedy, tragedy, thrills, spills, fantasy and a teeny touch of romance. Here’s my top ten films of the past twelve months: (more…)



Beacon Church Elder PortraitsOur guest on the blog today is Steve Dunn, author of three novels and the forthcoming ‘true’ story behind the Goldilocks fairy-tale, which will be available to download via Amazon soon. Steve is married to Jennie and they have a ten-year old daughter. He has worked for the ambulance service for over twenty years, and has been part-time paramedic and part-time church pastor for the past four, but from this November will be leading the church in a fulltime role. He is also a film lover and fig-roll connoisseur.

Welcome to the Blog, Steve, we’d love to start by asking you a little bit about your writing journey so far?

I’ve always enjoyed stories of all kinds (be they novels, comics or films) from a young age and so writing my own came naturally very quickly. I’m fascinated by the thought of other worlds or versions of our own, and…

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Top Movie Views of 2013

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

Note: these are my favourite films I’ve watched for the first time this year, not simply 2013 releases. I’ve not seen all the 2013 greats, and finally caught up on some overdue classics. (more…)